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Importing Pets

The Pet Travel Scheme is just a UK Government scheme that allows pet cats and dogs to enter the U.K. without spending amount of time in quarantine.

To be able to comply with one of these rules you should do the following (In Order).
Check the principles applicable to your pet on the website and make your plans accordingly.
Have your animal fitted with a microchip.
Have your pet vaccinated against rabies.
For qualifying countries, after an amount of 21 days following your pet’s vaccination, your pet may then go the UK.
When you yourself have any evidence that your pet is fit and healthy (like a letter from a vet stating that the pet has recently been examined and what the findings were), then this may be helpful.
Between 1 and 5 days before the date of departure your pet (this does not affect cats or ferrets) should be treated against tapeworm. You’ll want this treatment completed by a vet and ensure they issue you with a certificate to the effect/stamp your pet’s passport.
Please be aware that you will find different rules applicable determined by where your pet has travelled from. If your pet can easily be identified (because thet have already been fitted with a dog passport microchip) then importation is going to be much easier. Always try and travel along with your pet so you are readily available to answer any questions while they arise.

There are other considerations you will need to consider before bringing your pet back in the U.K. as an example the route your pet travels must certanly be approved by DEFRA. The airline that you employ must be an approved carrier and the country that you’re flying from needs to be a qualifying country.
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The aforementioned information should only be properly used as a guide, because the regulations are constantly changing. A complete listing of regulations can be found by using the link below to the DEFRA website.

Taking your pet on your own flight

Pets can travel of all scheduled flights from Heathrow and Gatwick to nearly every area of the world so typically, your pet should manage to travel for a passing fancy flight as yourself if this is what you should like. All of the ‘low-cost’airlines don’t carry pets however, and there are few points that should be thought about with this type of pet shipment.

Firstly, pets arrive to the cargo or freight part of the airport, not the passenger terminal and you can’t be in two places at the same time! If you’re held up attending to your own personal customs and visa formalities, your pet might be left looking forward to more than essential to be collected and released from their travel kennel.

Also, it’s worth bearing at heart that a lot of airports need you to take your pets travel kennel away with you. In case of large or multiple pets, the travel kennel/s may prove very hard to transport, especially if you have all your own personal luggage to deal with too.

Lastly, you will have no usage of your pet from the full time they’re checked in at the departure airport and soon you collect them at the destination airport, and for some countries such as for example Australia and New Zealand where quarantine on landing is applicable, you will not have the ability to see your pets before they’re taken with their quarantine accommodation.

If you’ve considered these points and still want your pet traveling on a single flight as yourself, we’ll work together with you to accommodate this whenever possible.

We’re happy to generally meet clients who are travelling on a single aircraft as their pets at the London airports on your day of shipment. We’d require seeing copies most of Veterinary paperwork to make sure they’re suitable for travel and whilst we shall always ask you to test and double check how big is your pet and travel kennel beforehand, we unfortunately cannot accept any responsibility for last-minute delays or problems occurred on the day of travel with this sort of shipment. The single most common reason for these last minute problems at the airport could be the measurements being incorrect and the travel kennel being refused as too small for the dog. With the years of experience we have with such issues, we shall sometimes ask you often if you should be sure in regards to the size as a wriggly dog is not quite simple to measure and we can usually tell if the measurements don’t sound right for the breed of dog.

Cat Export Gunnersbury
Cat Export Gunnersbury

Many pets that have previously travelled to the UK in a specific size kennel might not be able to travel back out in the exact same kennel due to the stringent rules applied when leaving the UK. Heathrow and Gatwick airports are between the strictest in the world for animal welfare, and and so the message listed here is that if you are unsure please say so once we will then make contingency plans for if the kennel is not a sufficient fit.

IATA Approved Flight Kennels

All dogs shipped by air should be housed in a IATA approved kennel which will be suitable for the size of canine being transported. Food and water should also be included in the kennel for long journeys and some airlines do exercise any dogs being shipped in the hang on significant stop-overs but for security reasons, this is not something which you (if you are travelling on the same aircraft) could be allowed to complete yourself.

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