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IATA Approved Flight Kennels

All dogs shipped by air should be housed in a IATA approved kennel which will be ideal for how big is canine being transported. Food and water must be included in the kennel for long journeys and some airlines do exercise any dogs being shipped in the hang on significant stop-overs but also for security reasons, this is simply not something that you (if you’re travelling for a passing fancy aircraft) could be allowed to complete yourself.

Importing Pets

The Pet Travel Scheme is really a UK Government scheme which allows pet cats and dogs to enter the U.K. without spending amount of time in quarantine.

To be able to comply with these rules you should do the following (In Order).
Check the guidelines applicable to your pet on the internet site and make your plans accordingly.
Have your animal fitted with a microchip.
Have your pet vaccinated against rabies.
For qualifying countries, after an amount of 21 days following your pet’s vaccination, your pet may then happen to be the UK.
When you yourself have any evidence your pet is fit and healthy (like a letter from the vet stating your pet has recently been examined and what the findings were), then this will be helpful.
Between 1 and 5 days before the date of departure your pet (this does not connect with cats or ferrets) should be treated against tapeworm. You’ll want this treatment completed by way of a vet and ensure they issue you with a certificate to this effect/stamp your pet’s passport.
Please be aware that you can find different rules applicable determined by where your pet has travelled from. If your pet can certainly be identified (because thet have now been fitted with a dog passport microchip) then importation will undoubtedly be much easier. Always try and travel with your pet so you are available to answer any questions because they arise.

There are other considerations you will need to take into consideration before bringing your pet back in the U.K. for instance the route that the pet travels should be approved by DEFRA. The airline that you use should be an accepted carrier and the united states that you are flying from needs to become a qualifying country.
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The above information should only be utilized as a guide, because the regulations are constantly changing. The full set of regulations can be found using the link below to the DEFRA website.

Shipping Dogs To Australia By Air

We’ve been shipping dogs by air to all the major continents for over 40 years and therefore have a vast quantity of experience which we could call upon once we encounter the odd unexpected problem. Shipping live animals to any country requires an comprehensive (and current) familiarity with the different rules that apply to the import of animals for certain country.

If you are emigrating or moving abroad for a time period and desire to take your pet dog, or dogs with you then if you plan ahead, it is a fairly easy process with the least quantity of stress for you personally and your dog(s). Planning ahead means getting all of the relevant vaccinations and any other veterinary treatments out the way early meaning that your pets won’t be suffering side effects if they travel. Additionally it is advisable to have all documentation completed and all set to go with the required time to spare before your departure date. is just a division of Airsupply Shipping located near London’s Heathrow Airport. We offer a selection of dog shipping services that will incorporate a “door to door” collection and delivery if you so wish. Our pricing is open and transparent without hidden fees and we will be pleased to supply any help and support you might require to truly get your pet safely to your home.
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This amazing site provides a wealth of details about the import requirements of varied countries relating to the import of dogs if a destination is not listed underneath the “Destination Requirements” tab (above) then simply contact us by completing the internet quotation form, or our quick enquiry form or you are able to call us free using the number at the top of this page.

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