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The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)

PETS is designed to halt the spread of rabies and other diseases while still allowing pets to travel.

Northern Ireland has been free of rabies for many years, but in several other countries there is still a threat of the illness to mammals. The largest risk for rabies entering here could be through an infected animal smuggled in illegally.

All rabies-susceptible animals entering the UK are normally required to pay four months in quarantine, unless they arrive under and meet all the conditions of PETS.

All pet dogs (including assistance dogs), cats and ferrets can enter or re-enter the UK without quarantine under PETS provided they meet the guidelines of the scheme, which differ depending on the country your pet is travelling from.

They may then be able to get early release if they may be shown to meet the necessary pet travel requirements.

Countries participating in PETS include most areas of Europe and many non-European destinations.

Shipping Dogs To Australia By Air

We have been shipping dogs by air to all or any the major continents for over 40 years and therefore have a vast amount of experience which we could call upon when we encounter the odd unexpected problem. Shipping live animals to any country requires an thorough (and current) familiarity with the various rules that connect with the import of animals for a given country.

If you are emigrating or moving abroad for a time frame and want to take your pet dog, or dogs with you then if you intend ahead, it is a fairly easy process with the smallest amount of amount of stress for you personally and your dog(s). Planning ahead means getting most of the relevant vaccinations and every other veterinary treatments out just how early meaning that your pets will not be suffering side effects if they travel. It is also a good idea to get all documentation completed and all set to go with the required time to spare before your departure date. is really a division of Airsupply Shipping located near London’s Heathrow Airport. We offer a selection of dog shipping services that can add a “door to door” collection and delivery if you so wish. Our pricing is open and transparent with no hidden fees and we are pleased to offer any help and support you could require to really get your pet safely to your new home.
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This website provides a wealth of information regarding the import requirements of varied countries associated with the import of dogs if a destination is not listed beneath the “Destination Requirements” tab (above) then simply contact us by completing the internet quotation form, or our quick enquiry form or you can call us free using the amount at the top of this page.

IATA Approved Flight Kennels

All dogs shipped by air must be housed in an IATA approved kennel that will be suitable for how big is the dog being transported. Food and water should also be included in the kennel for long journeys and some airlines do exercise any dogs being shipped in the hang on significant stop-overs however for security reasons, this is not a thing that you (if you are travelling on a single aircraft) could be allowed to do yourself.

Transporting your dog to USA

Relocate your puppy to USA by having an IPATA registered and approved USA dog shipper such as for instance Airsupply shippping ( You understand your dog utilizes you to make the best decisions about their welfare and we follow the strict operating code laid down by IPATA. These rules are designed to ensure your dog is not unduly stressed by the travel and they get to the US in good condition. However, we have been shipping dogs to the USA for over 40 years and we actually exceed IPATA guidelines because we would like both happy pets AND owners! Our pet shipping business continues to expand and we can only achieve this through happy customers who recommend our services to others.
What’s promising about shipping your pet to the USA from a Rabies free country or Rabies controlled Country like the UK is that there surely is no quarantine requirement as long as your pet has been around the UK for 6 months or more. However, your puppy must have documented evidence to be vaccinated against rabies otherwise this may lead to entry delays because you is going to be asked to sign a Confinement Agreement (this basically says that you will get your dog vaccinated and then confine them for at the least 30 days after treatment). If you are importing a puppy that is too young (usually under 6 months of age) to possess had the rabies vaccination then you definitely will require a Confinement Agreement, see: USA CDC Dog Confinement Agreements for more details. Whilst the CDC (US authority on pet imports) doesn’t require your pet to really have a certificate of overall health MOST AIRLINES DO REQUIRE THIS before they’ll alow your pet to board an aircraft.

Generally, all dogs must certanly be imported or exported through among the

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