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There’s no navigating around it – taking your pet travelling by air beyond your UK, whether on a quick holiday or even more permanently, is expensive, time-consuming and could be complicated.

There are always a host of regulations which need to be followed, both country and airline specific, and they very often change.

In general, the farther away or more exotic your destination, the more work is necessary to meet import regulations, veterinary requirements and to navigate through the neighborhood rules.

Our job at Pets by Plane is to assist you find the appropriate flights (many airlines will not carry snub-nosed breeds of dogs and cats) navigate the principles and regulations, advise on the right travel kennel and make sure that your pet can travel comfortably, securely and as economically as possible.

With over 25 year’s experience in transporting animals all over the world, we’ll ensure everything can be as stress free as you possibly can and we is likely to make the calm well-being, comfort and safety of your pet our top priority. We take our motto of’We care in the air’extremely seriously and pride ourselves on giving a separate, efficient and caring service.

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We’ve been shipping dogs by air to all or any the major continents for over 40 years and as a result have a vast number of experience which we can call upon once we encounter the odd unexpected problem. Shipping live animals to any country requires an comprehensive (and current) understanding of the various rules that affect the import of animals for a given country.

If you should be emigrating or moving abroad for a time frame and want to take your pet dog, or dogs with after this you if you plan ahead, it will be a easier than you think process with minimal level of stress for you personally and your dog(s). Planning ahead means getting all the relevant vaccinations and any veterinary treatments out just how early meaning your pets won’t be suffering side effects when they travel. Additionally it is advisable to have all documentation completed and all set to go with the required time to spare before your departure date. is a division of Airsupply Shipping located near London’s Heathrow Airport. We offer a range of dog shipping services that may incorporate a “door to door” collection and delivery in the event that you so wish. Our pricing is open and transparent with no hidden fees and we are pleased to supply any help and support you could require to really get your pet safely to your home.
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This website provides a wealth of details about the import requirements of numerous countries associated with the import of dogs if your destination is not listed beneath the “Destination Requirements” tab (above) then simply contact us by completing the web quotation form, or our quick enquiry form or you are able to call us free using the number at the top of this page.

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