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General Information About Exporting Pets

Once you request a pet export quotation we quote for many costs to transport your pet by air to the named destination airport. If you’re delivering your pet to your premises near Heathrow it must arrive at least five hours ahead of the flight. Collections from you (if required) is likely to be by arrangement, usually on your day before departure.
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There will however be additional charges payable at the airport of destination to cover costs for such items as airline import handling, customs clearance and veterinary charges. As these fees are payable in country of destination, and we’re unable to pay them in your behalf, so these charges aren’t contained in the quote (but we shall advise you of this).

Prices are determined by the size/weight of the animal(s) to be exported, any additional services (such as UK transportation, kenneling, and veterinary certification), flight time and the destination. In the event of dogs, the box size provided is on the basis of the measurements fond of us. Should these measurements be incorrect we accept no responsibility for just about any delay or extra costs involved as a result.

Animals must certanly be shipped in containers created to IATA specifications which are the correct size for them i.e. they need to be big enough for your pet to remain true without touching the the top of box, lay down comfortably and have the ability to turn round within the box. There must be considered a fixed water container within the container with a method of filling it from the exterior (funnel).

In case you wish to utilise our services we will have to have written confirmation with payment the moment possible and at least 28 days beforehand. We may also need a contact Name, Address and Telephone Number in the country of destination (the airline will need to ring beforehand to confirm acceptance).

Perhaps you are in a position to take your pet as excess baggage, which will mean booking direct with passenger reservations. This might be a cheaper option (please remember that some airlines cannot take livestock and that there might be restrictions such as for example standby status with respect to the airline and the route). However if the animal(s) be a really large shipment (in Airline terms) or coping with the animal(s) at the same time frame because the move be particularly difficult then we can provide cargo option along with other services including collection, kenneling and Export Health Certification.
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With information on the measurements of the animal(s) we could build transit kennels to fit. Kennels can be either found from us or brought to any U.K. Airport to coincide along with your check in time or be sent to your home.

Long lasting mode of travel, pets will go to the cargo hold of the aircraft. That is heated and pressurised to exactly the same extent whilst the passenger cabin. The animals are loaded to the hold approximately 30 minutes before departure (however the airline requires they are delivered for them 4 hours ahead of the flight) and are unloaded at one other end usually within around 30 minutes of the plane landing. Once the documents are available the animals could be cleared through customs. The handling/vet fees are then payable to the Import Shed Operator where point the animals may be collected and taken home.

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